Rwanda to celebrate the Liberation Day evaluating achievements

Anastase Shyaka

Anastase Shyaka, CEO of the Rwanda Governance Board (photo Jean Damascène Niyitegeka)

While Independence Day, July 1, is still recognized as a historic day for Rwanda, it did not provide equal rights to all Rwandans, which was only achieved with the country’s Liberation on July 4, which brought the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis to a halt. This was said by Anastase Shyaka, CEO of the Rwanda Governance Board, to explain why there are no big celebrations to remember Independence.

“People were inspired to start liberation when they realized that the independence had been only a symbol. July 4 brought the real independence we looked for,” he said.

This year, Liberation Day will be celebrated along with the 50th anniversary of the African Union, providing an occasion to evaluate and to reflect on the liberation journey since 1994, look at the lessons learnt and the opportunities and challenges that were encountered.

Under the theme ‘Pan-Africanism and Africa Renaissance: Owning our Destiny,’ a conference will bring together politicians, academics and Rwandan citizens on July 3 to evaluate the Rwandan renaissance, especially in the last two decades, rooted in the commitment to strengthen governance and democracy, to restore unity and reconciliation, respect rights of the citizens and a set a trend of social economic recovery via the home-grown solutions.

“People have to reflect and analyze the home-grown solutions as a unique policy-making approach but also as strong concept based on a common vision and philosophy inspired by Rwanda’s values, cultural heritage, history and successful local practices,” Shyaka said.

The forum will also be a moment to provide a setting for political leaders, policymakers, academicians and citizens to revisit and reexamine the theoretical discourse regarding democracy and strategies for development with self-reliance as a key drive to realizing sustainable growth.

The dialogue is organized by the Rwanda Governance Board and the ministry of foreign affairs.

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