Kanombe hospital gets water treatment plant

Hope Tumukunde

Hope Tumukunde, vice-mayor in charge of social affairs. (file photo)

The city of Kigali on Monday handed over a waste water treatment plant to Kanombe Military Hospital, which will contribute to improve sanitation and hygiene not only at the hospital but also in the neighborhood.

Alain Bayavuye, from Hice Consult that designed and supervised the project, said the plant recycles water from the hospital’s toilets and washbowls. The treated water will be used for instance to water gardens and wash cars.

He said this will help in fighting bad odors at the hospital and surrounding areas, safeguarding the environment and reducing water use, among many others benefits.

According to Bayavuye, the recycled water meets standards in that it is not harmful for people or the environment.

Hope Gasatura Tumukunde, Kigali vice-mayor in charge social affairs, said the project was part of a broader drive by the city to re-use water. “Even if we still have challenges in dealing with waste water, this kind of projects will help handle them,” she said.

Given that the plant at Kanombe hospital is only in its first phase, Tumukunde said the city will monitor the implementation of the remaining work to ensure it becomes fully operational.

The construction of the plant has cost Frw 440 million, provided by the Belgian cooperation (BTC). Ahmad Parsa, program manager at the organization, explained that it has the capacity to process water used by seven hundred people per day.

He added that people will be trained in the use and maintenance of the facility.

Parsa also observed that Belgium has dedicated Frw 47.3 billion to support initiatives in the health sector.

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