National Police launches criminal investigation center for excellence

Inspector General Emmanuel Gasana and Belgian Ambassador to Rwanda Marc Pecsteen. (photo Jean-Christophe Nsanzimana)

Inspector General of Police Emmanuel Gasana and Belgian Ambassador to Rwanda Marc Pecsteen. (photo Jean-Christophe Nsanzimana)

The Rwanda National Police (RNP) and the Belgian Development Agency (BTC) yesterday launched the criminal investigation center for excellence, and closed a four-year project of the support to crime investigations.

During the event,  the ambassador of Belgium to Rwanda Marc Pecsteen said Belgium had chosen to support  criminal investigation for fair administration of justice and good governance with specific objectives of “criminal investigation Department (CID) prevent, detect and investigate crime with respect for applicable laws and in a professional manner.’

“Due to the project, over 1,600 police officers have gained tactical & technical knowledge and skills, as well as equipment support to criminal investigations,” the ambassador said. “Let’s the skills gained during this ending project contribute to improving your level of integrity, and responsibility in order for your to give justice to victims of crimes in this country. You must always reflect on the important role of the police in promotion and respect of the human rights.”

About the criminal investigation center of excellence, the ambassador said that it embodies high level standards for criminal investigations officers to be trained.

The Inspector General of Police Emmanuel Gasana said the center for excellence in crimes investigation will help the criminal investigation department, to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities.

“This will contribute to training development, capacity development and provision of adequate equipments,” the IGP said and stressed that today Rwanda faces new forms of emerging crimes such as: digital crimes and cyber crimes.

“Today, fighting such crimes is not about having a big force (in numbers), but we must have a skilled one. The criminal investigation center of excellence comes to add more value on what the RNP is doing.”

Since 2009 the kingdom of Belgium (through BTC) has donated € 4,000,000 to assist Criminal Investigation Department of the Rwanda National Police to become modern and efficient.

1,630 training places have been offered to police officers during lifespan f the project, it cannot be sad that each one of those places has gone to different officer as by necessity some officers have attended more than two courses, but each one of those training places has been enthusiastically filled. The amount of knowledge taken away by police officers and now being put into practice is immense.

According the RNP spokesperson Superintendent Theos Badege, in terms of capacity building, what is even more impressive is that 52% of the training places on courses were delivered by the RNP or Rwandans meaning that the training can continue into the future using the centre of Excellence. “The project may not have been able to deliver everything that was proposed but the door is now open for other partners to come in and take over where this project has left off,” stated Badege.

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