KICS gets two international accreditation

Maxwell Trevor, KICS headmaster (In white shirt) and Bryan Hixson (blue shirt) cutting the ribbon for the newly-opened library. (photo Farouk Kaweesi)

Maxwell Trevor, KICS headmaster (In white shirt) and Bryan Hixson (blue shirt) cutting the ribbon for the newly-opened library. (photo Farouk Kaweesi)

Kigali International Community School (KICS) has received two international accreditations from the Association of Christian schools International (ACSI) and Middle States Association (MSA). KICS is a Christian international school with an American-based curriculum.

The accreditation, according to Bryan Hixson, KICS Board Chairman is significant and comes with time and effort.

“Accreditation does many things for a school, but most importantly it forces us to look at ourselves and improve for the sake of those entrusted to our care,” he said on Friday.

“At KICS we intend to impact the world for Christ by preparing servant leaders who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service above self, and a lifestyle of participation over apathy, These are values that we hold strong and believe will make a difference in Rwanda and around the globe.”

He stressed that KICS is proud to be part of this ‘model country’ of the Vision 2020.

“We thank the country’s leadership and the confidence given to our community to partner in this way through Agaciro. To our friends from MINEDUC we thank you for your leadership in education, which we recognize as vital to the future of a child and ultimately the future of our nations and the world.  Thank you for representing Rwanda and some 35 per cent of our student body.”

KICS’ short history has had challenges and successes.

The challenges, Hixson said, have helped the school to solidify our vision.

“Just as Rwanda has united around the objectives of Vision 2020 we are united around our vision ‘to impact the world for Christ through servant leaders’. With challenges come growth and the growth experienced by KICS reflects an institution moving toward an even brighter future,” he said. “Participation, wisdom, humility, and service are values that Rwanda appreciates and values that we believe make a difference in our school, our homes and community.

The school also made a donation of $11,000 to Groupe Scolaire, Kinyinya – a 12- years basic education school and Agaciro Development Fund.

Juliette Mugisha Mbabazi, a member of a task force said out of the $9000 (Rwf 5,850,000) presented to Groupe Scolaire, Kinyinya, $6,500 will be used to construct a new classroom block and the an additional $2500 is allocated to desks, chairs and classroom enhancements. $2,000 was donated to Agaciro.

The day was also crowned by a grand opening of the newly constructed library and laboratory.

Kigali International Community School (KICS) is a Christian, non-profit school, founded in 2006, which offers an educational program from kindergarten through grade 12. While prioritizing placement for children of missionaries and Christian cross-cultural workers, KICS affords children of all nationalities an education similar to that offered by schools in the USA. It has over 200 students in both primary and secondary school, of which 35 per cent are Rwandan.

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