Aurore Umutesi crowned Miss Rwanda 2012 (picture gallery)

Miss Rwanda Kayibanda Mutesi Aurore1

Miss Rwanda 2012 Aurore Kayibanda Umutesi. (photos Bruno Birakwate)

Three years after the first edition of Miss Rwanda, the country got a new queen to represent it. It was all tears of joy and excitement for Aurore Kayibanda Umutesi when the MC announced her Miss Rwanda 2012.

The packed tent at Gikondo expo grounds was kept in wonder with all sorts of entertainment from performances from different artists to the girls’ glamorous catwalk and not forgetting the humorous answers from some of the contestants.

The show kicked off at about 7pm with the final fifteen contestants being introduced to the excited crowd, and they did not disappoint, as they did their graceful catwalks on a well decorated stage that was well lit and looked like the state of the art runway.

The girls sent the crowd into a screaming frenzy when they came back on stage to showcase a dance they had been taught while training at the boot camp. The beauty about the dance was the synchrony they embedded in it, absolutely beautiful.

Miss Rwanda 2012 was organized in a manner that embraced everyone – there were three MC’s, two were on the stage speaking English while one was moving within the crowd speaking Kinyarwanda which made many quite comfortable to follow everything that was going on.

The girls were called back on stage, this time to showcase their different innovations. Some of these girls had impressive attire while others showcased innovations that were really far-fetched. One of them came wearing Inyange mineral water bottles while another came wearing CD’s – her explanation was she believes that if she got a chance she would promote ICT in the country. This was really entertaining and caught everyone’s attention.

While the girls would go and change backstage, several artists hit the stage to entertain the anxious crowd, many of whom were beginning to take bets on who deserves the crown among the fifteen girls. There was Austin who sang a song he composed specifically to fit the occasion, titled ‘Miss Rwanda.’ Renowned musician Samputu came on stage and wooed the crowd with his famous hit, ‘Nimuze tubyine,’ that made the crowd go wild.

Rwanda is known for its rich culture and tradition, and now it was time for the contestants to brace the runway again to showcase their traditional wear, a sight that was simply breathtaking and caused a lot of emotion among the audience. The girls displayed so much grace and virtue that portrayed the rich culture of the country, one couldn’t be more proud.

While the contestants continued to grace the runway with their different talents, there was a panel of seven judges that were taking notes, according to the way the girls did the catwalk, their presentation on the stage, etc. The fifteen contestants came back in their final outfit, the dinner dress. The only way to describe this is glamour; they gracefully came out showing off different designs of dinner dresses for which the word ‘beautiful’ is an understatement – the girls just looked gorgeous.

It was now time for Q&A, where the judges asked the contestants questions that included general knowledge about Rwanda, their personalities and future prospects after the beauty pageant among others. Some answered well, others were not sure or did not get the questions right.

Among the fifteen contestants, five were awarded in different categories. Miss Heritage was awarded to Aurore Kayibanda Umutesi, while Miss Photogenic was Fidelis Tega Karangwa. Miss Innovation went to Joe Christa Giraso; Miss Kigali who impressed the judges with her innovation of wearing CD’s and relating it to ICT, a concept that is now widely being embraced in Rwanda. Ange Uwamahoro scooped Miss Congeniality for being the most well behaved girl while at the boot camp, and finally Miss Popularity was given to LilianeMubera Umutesi.

At this point the judges selected the top five set to go to another round for another round of questions. They were Aurore Umutesi, Natasha Uwamahore, Ariane Murerwa, Carmen Akineza and Fiona Uwase. Among the five, three managed to satisfy the judges while the other two looked like they had no idea what to say.

Miss Rwanda TOP 3

Miss Rwanda 2012 with her two honor ladies, second runner-up Arainne Murerwa (L) and first runner-up Natasha Uwamahore (R).

This set the tone for the moment of truth. The MC’s announced Araine Murerwa as second runner-up, and then Natasha Uwamahore as first runner-up.

Finally, after a tense silence, the MC announced Aurore Umutesi as Miss Rwanda 2012, which was followed by a deafening cheer form the crowd that went on for about ten minutes. The tearful Umutesi could not hide her joy and kept smiling at the cameras while waving at the the audience.

The 20-year-old beauty hails from the southern province and was crowned Miss Southern Province during the provincial pre-selections to search for the fairest queen in the land.

Miss Rwanda 2012 was organized by the ministry of Sports and Culture in the partnership with Mashirika performing arts and entertainment group. The beauty pageant’s theme was “Beauty with a purpose.”

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